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Privacy Policy


Privacy Notice for the Protection of Personal Data. As outlined in the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data in the possession of individuals (hereafter referred to as “the Law”), VISTA ENTERPRISE and HOTELERA CANCO (hereafter referred to as “HOTEL SENSERIA RESORT & SPA), establishes this Privacy Notice with the following: Terms and Conditions.

1. The objective of this Privacy Notice is to protect the personal data of its clients, staff and any person who provides information, through legitimate, controlled and informed processing, in order to guarantee their privacy, as well as their right to self-determination regarding their information.   

2.- Personal data is Any information regarding an identified or identifiable person.

3.- For all possible legal purposes the address of “HOTEL SENSIRA RESORT & SPA” is Av. Vallarta No. 2526, Col. Arcos Vallarta, C.P. 44510, Guadalajara, Jalisco.

4.- This Privacy Notice hereby declares that personal data provided to “HOTEL SENSIRA RESORT & SPA” by filling in our registration forms – printed or digital – and telephone communication with our authorized staff, such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail, tax registration number, nationality and special celebration dates, will be used to offer you the services you have requested, such as reservations, purchase of vacation packages, joining a Loyalty Program, or anything else related to the provision of tourist services, such as informing you of our new related services, advising you about changes of same, offering you promotions and special services and other tourist products, as well as for grading the quality of the service we offer; the aim of all the above is to offer you better service and identify your preferences to make your stay more pleasant.

By providing your Personal Data in writing, filling in our registration forms – printed or digital – and by telephone communication with our authorized staff, with a request, paper form, digital form, e-mail or any other document, you accept and authorize the “HOTEL SENSIRA RESORT & SPA” to use and process your personal data and provided information in an automated fashion, forming part of our data base for the purpose of using it for, including but not limited to: identifying, locating, communicating with, contacting and sending you information and/or goods, as well as sending them and/or  transferring them to third parties, inside or outside Mexico, by any means permitted by law to fulfill our social goals. By accepting and authorizing the processing of your personal data as per the terms outlined above, you expressly authorize us to transfer them to any government office, (Federal, State, Municipal), public and private bodies, different companies or persons, inside or outside Mexico, for the purpose of certifying your studies or skills, as well as participating in staff selection processes and applying them to different vacancies that are published in our Work Bank; and you authorize us to issue documentation, either official or not, to your legal representatives and family members or relatives.

5.- The period for handling your Personal Data will be indefinite from the date on which you give it to us, and you may object to its handling at any time you consider appropriate, within the limitations of the Law; if your objection is approved, “HOTEL SENSIRA RESORT & SPA” will stop handling your Personal Data without any responsibility on our part.

6.-“HOTEL SENSIRA RESORT & SPA”, is obliged to comply with the principles of lawfulness, agreement, information, quality, objective, loyalty, proportionality and responsibility, as protected by the Law.

7.- Under the terms established by article 22 of the Law, you have the right at any time to exercise your rights of access, correction, cancellation and objection to the processing of your personal data, by making a request by e-mail addressed to with the subject as  Privacy Notice, or in writing to the following address: Av. Vallarta No. 2526, Col. Arcos Vallarta, C.P. 44510,  Guadalajara, Jalisco.

 8.-“HOTEL SENSIRA RESORT & SPA” reserves the right to modify or update this Privacy Notice at any time, and any modification made to it may appear on our website.

 I acknowledge having been informed about this Privacy Notice and accept that my personal data provided to “HOTEL SENSIRA RESORT & SPA” be processed as established in this document. 

We hereby advise you that cookies and web beacons are used on this website by third parties to help us learn about your behavior on our site, with the aim of offering better experiences and tailor-made services to all our clients; for more information, please read our following cookie policy.

 9.- “HOTEL SENSIRA RESORT & SPA” will protect your Personal Data under the terms of the Law, and will advise you about the elements contained in clauses of article 16 of the Law.

10.- By providing your personal data you are acknowledging your total acceptance of this Privacy Notice.