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Signature Treatments

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This luxury experience that combines a rejuvenating massage with a revitalizing facial seeks to provide you with a journey of total relaxation and beautification, all designed to release the tensions of the body and mind. Through a full body massage, enriched with bamboo sticks, we achieve a deep balance. In addition, we will activate your facial skin with a revitalizing and renewing treatment, carefully created to counteract the effects of pollution and daily stress. The result: glowing, healthy skin that reflects your inner well-being.


Immerse yourself in a rejuvenating experience enhanced by Vitamin "C". This complete treatment for the body and face acts as a stimulus for collagen production, improving skin firmness and giving it a unique radiance. With captivating stimulating aromatherapy, this process also hydrates and revitalizes. Each session includes the application of concentrated actives, an exfoliation that accelerates cell regeneration, a soufflé-textured mask and a massage with citrus essential oil. The result: luminous, firm skin that reflects your vitality. We invite you to experience the transformation and radiance that only this treatment can offer.

120 min. | Massage + Facial

Experience a unique holistic massage, where techniques are applied with golf balls, pressure points, aromatherapy and stretching, working together to improve your flexibility and relieve joint pain. In addition, we will apply a concentrated oxygen facial to your face, infusing vitality, decongesting and restoring radiance to a dull complexion. This treatment is especially ideal for frequent travelers, as it offers complete care for both body and face, counteracting the effects of travel and leaving you revitalized and renewed.

120 min. | Massage + Facial

Enjoy a balancing therapy that combines the comforting warmth of hot stones with massage techniques designed to release accumulated stress and tension. Then, immerse yourself in a complete 4-layer facial treatment that fuses the mineral benefits with the essential actives of European seaweed. This treatment instantly tones, rejuvenates, regenerates, and firms the skin. A supreme experience that provides holistic care for both body and face, leaving you revitalized and renewed.

120 min. | Body Treatment + Facial

Immerse yourself in a restorative experience specially designed for sun-exposed skin. We begin with a body wrap enriched with a mask of herbal actives that help balance tolerance to external factors, such as excessive sun exposure. Then, enjoy a moisturizing facial that provides immediate comfort and repair. This experience will leave you feeling calm, refreshed and smooth as we restore and revitalize your skin, giving you the relief and care you deserve. 

120 min. | Body Scrub + Massage

We begin this experience with a gently exfoliating body scrub, carefully crafted with products enriched with bamboo extracts. Afterwards, you will be immersed in an exquisite massage that employs techniques designed to deeply relax and decongest. As a final touch, we offer you a facial treatment that combines the potency of vitamin "C" and activated charcoal. This treatment has been specially designed to restore balance and hydration to men's skin, leaving it revitalized and renewed. We invite you to enjoy this set of cares that will give you an incomparable sensation of well-being and freshness.

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On-Site, below our main lobby

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09:00 - 17:00 Hours

Your well-being is our goal. Seeking to make your experience with us truly unforgettable, we kindly ask you to value the time as much as you value your relaxation, respecting your booking schedule and arriving on time. Our team of highly trained therapists is ready to pamper you and immerse you in a world of serenity and renewal. Every moment you spend with us counts, from the moment you enter our oasis of tranquility.


Advanced booking prior to your arrival is recommended to secure your preferred date and time of treatment.